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The Shining Starz Showcase initially came about following our first annual See-Low 3 on 3 basketball tournament. While in the promotional phase of See-Low 3 on 3, a notice was put out that we were in search of any music or dance performers whom will be interested in performing at our half time show. We received an unexpected number of responses from people around the city interested in performing their talents; unfortunately for our tournament only 3 acts were required. Through the massive response, it was evident that the people living in our community are desperately interested in showcasing their talents and are in need of an opportunity, this is why the Shining Starz Growth potential is so MASSIVE and Change Promotions believes that it is our obligation to provide this opportunity for our people to perform in front of a mass audience. But we do not want to stop there, although many of the participants who audition for our showcase know what there interest is (dancing, singing, comedy etc…), they are thriving to pursue their dreams of “making it”, but many of them do not have the direction of what needs to be done to achieve this. Change Promotions wants to provide every act whom auditions for our showcase guidance for them to reach the next level; whether it is an act that auditioned, but does not make it to the showcase; an act that makes the showcase, but does not win it; as well as the act that does win the showcase, but is not aware of the next step needed to future reach their ultimate goal, we will help them. We gain this information by seeking it through representatives, and other talented people who are more established in the entertainment industry.